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Businesses can no longer afford to wait months for traditional consultancies to identify their issues and opportunities that exist in their businesses right now.

Every month there are new forms of disruption occurring across every sector. From Uber transforming transportation to AirBnB transforming the hotel industry to Pokemon Go rewriting the rules of gaming. Everything is up-for-grabs.

To ensure our clients are ahead of the curve, we have spent the past months working with leading digital transformation specialists from academia, business schools, creative agencies and industry to develop a new form of consultancy, which is fit for purpose in today’s global digital economy.

The CREATE® consultancy programme is a rapid consultancy offering, based on agile project principles which identify results fast and enable you to act even more quickly.

CREATE® could be your passport to a successful future in the digital economy. So if you think you might be prepared to take a journey that could increase the value of your business, then get in touch online or by call us directly on +44 (0)800 29 3739.


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Experience is everything


“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein

At epifny consulting, personal experience means everything. That’s why we don’t test theories on your brand or agency. We apply proven real-world techniques to help you achieve your vision.

This could be writing an agency brief, developing a communications strategy, shaping a new offering or implementing a training and mentoring programme. In everything we do, you can be assured we will build upon years of leadership experience to guide you in the right direction.

These are just a few of the brands we have personal experience working with:


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The Holmes Report Testimonial

“Dean is one of the smartest minds I have worked with in the marketing business.

His strategic insight and creativity helped to transform our digital content and social media approach, despite the pressures of working on realtime deadlines across such major events as the Global PR Summit.

He has that rare knack for zeroing in on the pivotal challenge in any scenario and has been able to develop unique ideas to address these, always keeping in mind the relevant business realities.
Most importantly, perhaps, Dean brings a positive mentality that is just as focused on execution and deliverables. Working with him is always fun.”

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Arun Sudhaman, President and Editor-in-Chief


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DMA Testimonial

“Dean at epifny consulting was quick to recognise the DMA is an ambitious member association, and fully immersed himself into our mission and objectives.
The strategy he developed has proved to be a perfect fit for the organisation, and is already being integrated across our business and communications activities.
His ability to combine data insights, creativity and business understanding to deliver powerful, yet achievable recommendations, has proven invaluable for us.  I would gladly recommend epifny consulting to any other organisation serious about transforming to make an impact in the modern world.”
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Chris Combemale
Group Chief Executive Director


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If you don’t like forms, feel free to email us directly via If you don’t like email or
your need is urgent (e.g. you need support on an upcoming pitch) then give us a call on +44 (0)800 029 3739.

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