05 Sep 2016


05 Sep 2016

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A message from Dean Russell, epifny consulting founder & CEO

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Digital has changed the world, with society benefiting greatly from improved customer experience to greater political engagement. To build upon the opportunities for society, I believe digital transformation must be available to all organisations, from SMEs to global brands, creative agencies to government. Due to the rapid pace of change, many organisations are now under constant pressure to adapt or die.

Over many years, working in major global agencies with household name clients across many different sectors, I witnessed smart & ambitious organisations struggle to adjust. Not due to a lack of skill. Leaders were just so busy running the day-to-day business they didn’t have time to adapt to the changing competitive landscape. epifny consulting solves that problem.

Our Belief: We believe digital transformation should be accessible to every organisation, whatever the size.

Our Mission: We empower ambitious organisations to transform & grow.

We do this by combining expertise in data insights, creative communications and business strategy to deliver true digital transformation.

In doing so, we can optimise in-house services and support the growth of profitable new offerings. We achieve the successful transformation through a clear pathway built around a unique agile consultancy offering.

Our CREATE® agile consulting model has been developed with input from pioneering experts in the field of the digital organisation; including academics, influential marketers, government specialists and business experts.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. So if you’re ambitious and keen to take advantage of a brave new world, but need some extra support, we’d love to hear from you.Open Quotes


Dean Russell, founder & CEO, epifny consulting

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