20 Sep 2016

Our vision

20 Sep 2016

‘The communications world is rapidly changing.

From social media to data analytics, organisations are constantly under pressure to adapt or die. Over many years, working in major global agencies with household name clients, I witnessed smart & ambitious organisations struggle to adjust. Not due to a lack of skill. Simply because they were so busy running the day-to-day business they didn’t have time to change. 

epifny consulting solves that problem. Our mission is simple:

We empower ambitious brands and agencies to grow.

We do this by combining expertise in data insights, creative communications and business strategy. In doing so, we can optimise in-house services and support the growth of profitable new offerings. 

This is all done through a clear pathway built around a bespoke epifny consulting methodology. An approach which includes  audits, strategy development through to mentoring & training.

So if you’re ambitious and want to succeed in a brave new world, but need some extra support, we’d love to hear from you.’

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